All students, academic and other eligible senior staffs are expected to register in the library on admission or appointment before they can make use of the Library resources and services. Registration is done at the circulation desk. The registration procedure is as follows:

  1. For Freshers (Undergraduate), the following items are required for library registration:
  • Clearance form from the Faculty
  • Payment receipt (s)
  • 2 Recent Passport Photographs 1” by 1”
  • Matriculation number

A Postgraduate student will need to produce

  • Letter of admission
  • Payment receipt(s)
  • Clearance from the Postgraduate School and
  • 2 Passport photographs

A newly employed academic and other eligible senior staff shall be required to produce

  • Letter of appointment and
  • 2 passport photographs

After registration, you will be issued a Library ticket that admits you into the Library to use its resources and services. Registration is done at the beginning of the session. It is renewable at the commencement of each session for the students. To renew your library registration, you need to produce:

  • Yours old library ticket
  • Payment receipt(s)
  • Confirmation of yours studentship by your Faculty Officer.
  • Renewal can also be done online.